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Worlds’ Best Campaign Ad Video?

Brad and Shelley talk about the new campaign ad for Valerie Plame? Don't know who she is? This video will give you her background and where she's headed. PBMF? Shelley and Brad are on Westplex 107.1 Monday through Friday from 6 AM until 8 AM. Check out their website...

A Beautiful Day for A Chamber Of Commerce Meeting

The July 2019 General Membership meeting of the O'Fallon Chamber of Commerce was held at beaufitul Whitmoor Country Club and BS In The Morning was there to welcome the attendees.   Most people honked.  A few tried to run us over...

New Shelley and Brad Pictures

They're up.   The new pictures of Brad and Shelley.   OK, admit it.   Brad looks much better than you thought he would.  

Brad and Shelley Ponder

It's the NUMBER ONE song on Billboard's Country Chart.   But the country radio stations aren't playing it!  Brad and Shelley are still pondering this conundrum.

Brad Is Shown The Door

Today B S In The Morning debuted their new website,   And then Brad (pictured above doing a promo for KSLQ) told the story about being asked to leave a political event on   Politics!  Don't you love it!

Almost 400K!

According to the latest estimates St. Charles county has 395,000 residents.   That's makes it larger than the population of St. Louis city by 80K.   And when the 2020 census comes out, don't be surprised if St. Charles County is over 400K.

Noughtie? What’s a Noughtie?

We all know about the 70's, 80's and 90's.  But when Y2K arrived it ushered in a decade that few people could describe.   But the Brits know what to call the decade starting with the year 2000.  So we're going to defer to the country with a rich musical heritage and...

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