Westplex 107.1 is designed to appeal to those elusive voters that everyone is looking for:  Soccer Moms, AKA THE SUBURBAN WOMAN.  Westplex 107.1’s format is music targeted at women 18 to 54.  The format is called Hot AC (Adult Contemporary) with music that’s engaging, up tempo and NOT offense.  It’s Mom approved and kid safe.

Westplex 107.1 is the first station in the country with a geofenced signal that covers the 8 fastest growing communities in St. Charles County.  Our tower is located at Bryan and Fiese  Roads.  Yes, we’re on the same tower at 97.1  You can target voters in the heart of St. Charles county with no wasted coverage in another state.  

We can put together a custom package to help you win that election.  Call or text Brad Hildebrand at 314-280-8880.  Just tell us

  • What your budget is
  • What length of ads you want to run
  • Your schedule of when you want your ads to run

Brad will have a customized proposal back to you in less than 24 hours.   You can use the political rate card (below) and create your own schedule and send it to us.

Or you can check out all of our advertising packages by CLICKING HERE


2024 Political Rate Card 

Westplex 107.1/KRAP Rate Card Current as of January 1st, 2024. All rates are net to station. Please contact Brad Hildebrand at 314-280-8880 for a custom proposal

6 A to 10 A Monday to Friday$6$12$16
10 A to 3 P Monday to Friday$4$10$13
3 P to 7 P Monday to Friday$5$11$14
6 A to 7 P Monday to Friday$5$9$12
6 A to 7 P Monday to Sunday
6 A to 7 P Weekends$3$6$8
6 A to 12 MID Monday to Sunday$4$6$9

All rates are net to station

Coverage Map